Patients who have multiple teeth missing can to consider getting an implant bridge. That method preserves the jawbone and restores smiles and makes eating much easier.

implant birdge
implant bridge

Implant Bridge Dental: Before and After Image

dental bridge implant before after image
dental bridge implant before after image
dental bridge implant before after image
bridge implant before after

What is an Implant Bridge dental? 

Bridge implant offers a permanent solution that the patient does not have to worry about. Bridge Implant is a method faster and uncomplex. The doctor will be transplant 2 implants and prosthetics, 3 teeth upper. These implants act and look like natural teeth.

bridge implant dental
Bridge implant dental

Bridge implants can preserve the nearby teeth and preserve the jawbone. Plus, the implant bridges can maintain the shape of the patient’s smile. Can adjust the bit to distribute the force correctly during chewing preserve the nearby teeth and preserve the jawbone.


  • Cost saving and save time
  • Eliminates the need for bone grafts
  • Precise and predictable implant placement
  • Reduces post-operative swelling, bruising, and pain Improved healing time
  • Restores facial structure

What treatment is like? 

The implants will act as the root of the tooth, creating a strong base for the bridge to rest on. It is fairly simple to place implants in the patient’s mouth. The surgery takes about 1 hour, patient has a new tooth immediately for 1 day at Sai Gon Implant Dental Center.

process of dental bridge implant
process of dental implant bridge

Overall, implant bridges offer a long-lasting, stable, and natural-looking solution for replacing missing teeth that can improve both oral health and quality of life. Many patients after implanting dental bridges at the Saigon Implant Dental feel satisfied with the results. Eat better, dentures are not loose, and look younger than before surgery.

How much does a dental bridge implant cost?

The cost of implanting dental bridges depends on the number of implant abutments and the number of porcelain teeth needed for restoration. Currently, the methods for implanting dental bridges include options such as: placing 2 implant abutments and restoring a removable denture on the implant abutments, or placing 4 implant abutments and restoring a removable denture on the implants.

The price list for various types of implant abutments

Implant Dentium (Korea) 1000 USD 620 USD
Implant Superline (USA) 1200 USD 900 USD
Implant Kontact (France) 1400 USD 1,000 USD
Implant Neodent (Swiss) 1500 USD 1,000 USD
Implant Nobel/Straumann Acvite (Swiss) 1800 USD 1,400 USD

The cost of porcelain tooth restoration on implants and other associated expenses

Bar + High Acrylic Permanent (4-6 Months Later) 1,320 USD
Bar + Full Zirconia CAD/CAM (4-6 Months Later) 300 USD 3,960 USD
Abutment 300 USD Free all in – price
Bone graft 150 – 300 USD
Sinus lifting 300 -500 USD
Snap-on Denture supported over 4 implants Free
Snap-on Denture supported over 6 Implants Free
Ball Abutment implant/ Locator implant 200 USD

If you want to know the exact treatment plan and the cost of getting dental bridges with implants for yourself, please contact:

Compare dental bridges with implants to other denture methods

dental bridge implant
Dental bridge implant vs. other denture methods

Treating tooth loss with dental bridge implants at Saigon Implant Dental Center

Saigon Implant Dental Center is a specialized center for treating tooth loss using dental implant dentistry. Patients suffering from severe periodontitis leading to loose teeth, long-term tooth loss, significant bone resorption, etc., can all benefit from the dental bridge implant technique to restore chewing function and smile aesthetics.

Best dental of Destinations for Full Mouth Restoration
Best dental for dental bridge implant in Ho Chi Minh City

As a reputable implant center in Vietnam, we adhere to professional dental implant procedures following international standards. We ensure effectiveness and treatment quality comparable to that in the US, UK, Canada, etc. Especially, even while still in their home country, international patients can grasp preliminary treatment plans, treatment duration, and dental implant costs through our free remote consultation channel at Saigon Implant Dental.

Step 1: Patients contact a dental clinic

The patient can contact us via Email at or WhatsApp/Viber (+84) 775-720-450

Connect directly with Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tan – a 15+ years experienced expert in dental implantation, to receive consultations on medical conditions, preliminary treatment options, and comprehensive dental implant costs.

saigon implant center
Dr Nguyen Ngoc Tan at Saigon Implant Dental Center

Step 2: Discuss treatment plans, and treatment duration, and schedule appointments.

Patients can discuss their needs, desires, and the time frame available for dental treatment in Vietnam, so the doctor can plan a suitable treatment course.

Step 3: Find accommodation during the treatment period.

Our clinic assists patients in finding accommodation during their dental implant treatment in Vietnam.


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