The Best Dental Near Me With Over 15 Year- Experience

You can easily find The best Dental near me with Over 15 Year-experience that’s perfect for you and make an appointment online the suggestions below. We help you find Dentists in Ho Chi Minh City with verified patient reviews and appointment availability.

the best dental near me
the best dental near me

8 benefits to choose the best dental near me with Over 15 Years Of Experience

The need for dental care is increasing, so many dentists are open to meet the above needs. Now, customers have more choices about dental beauty addresses. You can search on Google maps to find the best dental near me that suits your needs.

However, since not all clinics are safe, quality and reputable for you to come and use the service, many people are interested in and prefer to choose reputable dental addresses with long-term experience in the industry.

The best dental near me with more than 15 year- experience in operation helps patients go to the trusted place to visit with good services, health and safety ensuring. These are 6 benefits of choosing the best dental near me:

  • Be treated by a good doctor

The quality clinic with more than 15 year- operation will have a specialist, a good dentist, and medical staff with practice certificates, who have the experience, and understanding patients to choose the most optimal treatment method.

  • Ensure benefits when conducting treatment

The prestigious dental clinic in Ho Chi Minh City, which has been operating for over 15 years, must definitely be on the list of licensed medical units, have warranty and commitment to the quality of treatment and materials used for customers

  • Improve the successful treatment rate

The cabinet has all the elements of professional doctors and advanced facilities. Treatment at the dental address with more than 15 year-experience certainly gets an outstanding success rate.

  • Ensure safety for health

The clinic facility has been operating for a long time in the industry ensuring that treatment is carried out in accordance with the safe regulations of the Department of Health, ensure sterile instruments, a sterile clinic, prioritize the use of disposable consumables, … to avoid cross-infection with patients

  • Easy to learn dental information

Dental clinic for more than 15 years has built its own brand in the industry. Therefore, patients can easily search for information about dentistry before visiting. In addition, with so many years of operation, there are certainly many reviews and feedbacks from customers having used the service. Patients can easily get access to the reference for a more objective assessment.

  • Easy to move, Convenient for travel

A dental examination takes about 2 appointments. The cases of implants, porcelain teeth, root canal treatment, … require more visits. Therefore, finding the best dental near me helps to facilitate traveling, especially for foreigners who do not understand the road in Vietnam well.

  • Save time

Checking teeth at the dental near me with over 15 years of experience, traveling by personal vehicle will be easier and faster. The time from home or workplace to the dentist is about 10-30 minutes.

Patients can make other personal plans by taking advantage of the saved time compared to dental treatment at an address far from home. Besides, regular dental check-ups have also become easier than ever.

  • Quick troubleshooting

If you choose to do dental work at a dentist near your home, it will be more convenient to solve your problems when encountering them.

Saigon Implant Dental – The Best Dental with Over 15 Years Of Experience

Saigon Implant Dental has over 20 years of operation and development in the industry. The clinic has an operating license number 05504/HCM-GPHD with more than 100 treatment categories licensed by the Department of Health. This is one of the prestigious medical examination addresses chosen by many customers, being one of the top dental brands in terms of service quality in the region.

saigon center dental clinic near district 1
saigon center dental clinic

The clinic provides a full range of dental services, such as Dental Implants, cosmetic porcelain teeth, orthodontic braces, permanent tooth extraction, … and general treatment of oral health problems. In particular, the strength of Saigon Implant Dental is instant Dental Implant, All on 4, All On 6 Implant, less pain, and quick recovery, helping customers have a perfect examination experience.

Team of specialists and dentist have more than 10+ year- experience

You want to be treated by a good specialist with over 10 year-experience having worked at a large hospital, and graduated as a doctor of Odonto-Stomatology from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, and prioritize Saigon Implant Dental.

In addition to specializing in the field of Odonto-Stomatology, the doctors also successfully completed advanced training courses on implants, cosmetic porcelain teeth, …

Below is the list of doctors with 10+ year-experience requested by many patients treated here. Readers can reference and book an appointment with doctors such as:

Dentist of dental implant

Doctor Nguyen Ngoc Tan – The Specialist of Dental Implants

  • More than 10 years of dedication in the field of dental Implant, ideal cosmetic dentistry
  • Lead experts successfully applying Implant ALL ON X / Pro Active technology – Instant dental implant restoration for people who have lost many teeth, totally edentulous state
  • More than 2,000 successful treatment cases/year.

dentistDoctor CKI Tran Ly Tra My – A good doctor graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City

  • More than 10 years of experience in intensive treatment of maxillofacial, orthodontic braces.
  • A typical doctor with excellent achievements has obtained many prestigious certificates and diplomas from the National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology with the number of successful treatment cases (up to 1000 cases/year).

On the fanpage of the dentist, the dentist regularly updates the working images of the doctors. Doctors are available whenever according to the client’s schedule. This is a strength attracting customers to make decisions on having their teeth done here.

Facilities and equipments at Saigon Implant Dental

When conducting dental examinations here, you will experience modern dental machinery and equipment imported from Switzerland, England, Germany, and Korea and enjoy comfortable examination space with luxurious European design that brings peace of mind and comfort.

saigon center dental clinic
saigon center
  • The clinic invests in a 3D CT Scanner system that automatically selects the jaw and X-ray conditions according to the age of the patient.
  • Ensure hygiene and minimize cross-contamination when examining and disinfecting water sources through the chair’s piping systems.
  • In particular, the clinic only uses high-grade dental materials imported genuine, with clear inspection stamps, which customers can fully verify when needed.

The cost of Dental services

Despite owning a team of good doctors with over 10 years of experience, the dentist does not include the doctor’s fee in the service cost. Free dental consultation with expert doctors encourages customers to care more about their oral health, and boldly visit the doctor without having to worry about the cost of the examination.

In short, if you have been finding a reputable dental address with a team of doctors with 10+ experience and a free consultation, readers can prioritize the experience at Saigon Implant Dental.

For the convenience of readers when going to dental work, we summarize the cost of the main services at Saigon Implant Dental. Readers can contact the dentist for direct advices to know the exact price for individual cases.


Reviews of patients

More than 8,000 domestic and foreign customers recognize the prestigious reputation of Saigon Implant Dental. Patients can refer to customer reviews and feedback on Google Review, dental Youtube channel, and Facebook. In addition to high expertise, customers also praise the professional working style, dedication, and polite attitude to respect customers of the team of doctors on Google Review.

Some successful treatment cases

all on 4 implant before after
all on 4 implant before after
dental crown before after image
dental crown before after image
dental filling before after image
tooth filling

Never mind about finding the best dental near me when you live in Vietnam, you have questions, we have the answers. Contact to the Dentist via the Hotline: (+84) 775-720-450  or email to make an appointment online instantly!

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