Invisalign Dental Braces: Process and Cost in Ho Chi Minh City


The article was professionally consulted by Specialist Doctor I Tran Ly Tra My – DDS – Doctor of Orthodontic at SaiGon Implant Dental who is a leading cosmetic dentist in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and is renowned for transforming families’ smiles for more than 10 years. At Saigon Implant Dental, Doctor Tra My uses Invisalign® therapy to improve patients’ crooked smiles. 

With easy-to-use features and high aesthetics, while still ensuring effective results, Invisalign Dental Braces are the first choice for an overbite, underbite, and uneven teeth instead of fastening brackets to teeth.

invisalign dental braces
invisalign dental braces

In some cases of Invisalign clear braces

icon hotGet more than a beautiful smile; get a healthy smile with invisalign dental braces at Saigon Implant Dental.

dental invsalign
Before and after crowded teeth braces images
invisalign dental braces
Before and after crowded teeth braces images
Invisalign dental braces
Before and after overbite teeth braces images
dental brace

What are Invisalign Dental Braces?

Invisalign is an invisible method brace for teeth not using brackets and elastic bands like conventional braces. This method uses transparent aligners to straighten teeth. It is removable aligners so it is easy to use when wearing braces.

Invisalign can fix a wide variety of dental problems. This method helps to aesthetically improve the smile by aligning the teeth or moving their position. It can be used for states: Gap teeth, Underbite, Crossbite, Overbite, Open bite, and Crowded teeth,…

invisalign uses transparent aligners to straighten teeth

If you want straighter teeth and don’t want to choose traditional orthodontics, you may consider Invisalign.

With its simple removable feature, Invisalign is suitable for everyone. There is no age limit for Invisalign treatment. Children from six years old onwards, teens and adults, whose teeth are healthy, are all eligible for the process.

Process of Invisalign Orthodontic

  • Step 1. Consultation

Examine your teeth, focus on your demands and recommend brace or aligner options. Treatment of dental diseases before braces (if any).

  • Step 2. Making your aligners

A series of clear and removable aligners are custom-made to fit your mouth.

  • Step 3. Receive your aligners

You will receive trays to get the aligners and try them on, check the fitness and feeling when wearing the transparent aligners.

  • Step 4. Wear your aligners

Need to wear trays about 20-22 hours a day, and can remove them to eat, drink, brush and floss.  You have a check-up every two or four weeks to ensure that the treatment is progressing properly, then changing the aligners.

  • Step 5. Finish your treatment

After finishing the treatment, you also need to wear a retainer every night for 1 year to maintain the result. The time wearing the retainer is gradually reduced as prescribed by the orthodontist.

5 step invisalign dental braces
5 step to straight with invisalign dental braces

How Does Invisalign Work on Teeth?

You have 20 – 24 trays all the time Invisalign braces which are custom-made for your teeth.  Invisalign aligners gently capture the forces of tension and compression and manipulate them to reposition teeth slowly and gently over time. Each tray is manufactured so that the teeth are slightly straighter than the previous tray.

The movement brought by Invisalign clear aligners is preceded by the resorption of the bone and cementum. The movement also follows the deposit of new bones.

invisalign trays
How Does Invisalign Work on Teeth?

Your teeth will typically move up to 0.25 mm per tray. Every two weeks, you will receive a new set, slowly moving your teeth toward their ideal positions.

In some cases, the doctor needs to use a few appliances or dental procedures to make Invisalign treatment be more convenient such as:

  • Attachment to teeth in order to create an attachment pointed to create force for Invisalign trays to work.
  • Inter-jaw elastic band enhances the movement of teeth, especially crooked and misaligned teeth outside the jaw bone orbit.
  • Polishing and contouring: To create more space or loosen contact points in the teeth.
  • Pontics (in cases of tooth extraction): This  indicated denture is hidden in the area of ​​​​the removed real tooth to support treatment

The treatment time of an average adult is around 12 months.  Changes may be visible as little as two weeks into treatment. You need a full course of treatment for previous dental problems and aftercare is required to ensure that these results are long-lasting.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Each case of braces will be consulted by the doctor and then they develop a separate treatment plan. There are cases that need to remove teeth to create space to move teeth, or input minivis, and expand jaws,… there are cases that don’t. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all price.

On average, Invisalign treatment usually ranges from 3.000 USD to 9.000 USD. This cost is published officially on Invisalign’s official website. The price includes tray production costs, excluding the cost of dental treatment and doctor’s fees.

During treatment if your dentist needs Attachment, Inter-jaw elastic band, Polishing and contouring, and Pontics,… you’ll probably pay extra money. In many dentists, retainers after braces are not included in the orthodontic package so with overall services, the price may change.

In Vietnam, the average cost of Invisalign treatment can range around 3.000 USD. Invisalign® prices vary depending on the severity of each patient’s misalignment. This is the price applied to the case of 2 jaw braces.

Icon mũi tênMeeting with the Doctor and discussing your options before deciding to go ahead with Invisalign® treatment via

Invisalign Orthodontic in Ho Chi Minh City: Best dental and Good dentist

You are a foreigner or a person living in Ho Chi Minh. If you can’t fit costs into your budget in the US, or UK, you can save money by getting braces or aligners in Vietnam.If you want to find “Invisalign Orthor near me”, you should prioritize choosing Saigon Implant Dental in Ho Chi Minh City- the best dental clinic – the Invisalign TOP 1 high-class braces center in Ho Chi Minh City. Dentistry cooperates intensively with the globally famous Invisalign supplier chosen by more than 13 million customers in more than 90 countries.


Here, customers get braces with doctors who graduated from the prestigious University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City. The doctors are members of AAO Dental Association, WFO World Federation of Orthodontics, Certificate of participation about “Invisible and efficient the art of direct esthetic restorations” (ICDE), with 10+ years of direct experience in examining and straightening teeth that are crooked, underbite, crowded, malocclusion, etc.

Customers can rest assured to trust braces with doctors from the initial stage to the end. It is committed to a gentle braces process, not straining the gums, limiting tooth extraction, bringing beautiful teeth, and correct bite.

Designing a set of aligners that are close to the teeth, highly aesthetic, exclusively for customers who focus on appearance when communicating or busy customers who do not have much time to go to the dentist.

The cost of invisalign orthodontic at Saigon Implant Dental

At Saigon Implant Dental, offer package invisalign, it is only 3.000 – 4.600 USD/case. This is a braces package for 2 jaw braces. The free Retainer and appliances or dental procedures. The price tag typically includes additional services such as: a free dental x-ray, clearing teeth, online consultation, in person consultation, and use of dental clinic facilities. Therefore, it is a total cost and there are no other costs during braces.

There are some payment options that can make invisalign braces more affordable. In the First stage, you just need to pay 70% of the total cost .You will pay the rest of the fee when you receive your aligners so you can pay your bill in 2 periods of time, rather than all at once.

icon hotYou will find the cost of Invisalign at Saigon Implant Dental is very affordable when compared to some other countries, which can make the treatment more accessible.

USA UK Vietnam Australia
3.000 usd – 9.000 usd 3.000 usd – 8.000 usd 3.000 usd  – 4.600 usd  3.500 usd – 7.000 usd

  • dental check-up,
  • Consultations,
  • X-rays and supplementary treatments

  • dental check-up,
  • Consultations,
  • X-rays and supplementary treatments

  • dental check-up,
  • Consultations
  • ,X-rays
  • Retainer
  • Supplementary treatments

  • dental check-up,
  • Consultations,
  • X-rays and supplementary treatments

Saigon Implant Dental fully converges the factors to help customers have a convenient braces journey, less pain, and achieve the desired results. Readers can refer to and choose transparent braces here to own a beautiful, comprehensive smile!

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